New product >>> New product >>> New product >>> p8.33 fornt maintenance full color outdoor led screen

p8.33 fornt maintenance die-cast aluminum enclosure Features:

1)Cabinet Resolution 60 * 60dots, the cabinet size 500mm * 500mm, can be a single hand, saving installation time.

2)Cabinet with die-cast aluminum molding, CNC computer gongs finishing, high strength, toughness, high precision, not easily deformed.

3)Cabinet down about connecting with fast locking mechanism, a pull handle to turn 130 degrees two cabinet lock, 10s to complete a cabinet installation, installation of high accuracy.
Enclosure and wiring connections fast, reliable, beautiful appearance but also realize that the true sense of the quick disassembly.

4)Excellent thermal design and thermal performance, without external fans, air conditioners, etc., and low noise.
Cabinet light weight, low installation costs .Low power consumption saving operating costs.

5)Using a dedicated car waterproof tape waterproof, waterproof rating back up to IP54.

6)Reasonable internal cabinet Norse ring design, the alignment cabinet inside is more simple and beautiful.




√ Outdoor advertising, digital billboards, advertising for big companies.

√ Stage background.

√ Architecture and social projects, information systems in cities.

√ Airports, bus stations and railway passenger terminals.

√ Department stores, banks and car dealerships.