New product >>> New product >>> New product >>> 2014 NEW DIP570 3IN1 PH13.33 SCREEN/ MODULE

1.large chips, high brightness, less droop:
    Big chip packaging, and can meet the demand of brightness, less droop, cost savings

2.Vertical display, wide viewing angles:
   Light emitting chip vertically, to guarantee the viewing Angle up and down or so is consistent, without    deviation, viewing Angle is bigger

3.Unique DIP-JH 570 encapsulation, mixed color even, colour and lustre is full:
   Product is better than 546,346 and 468 lamp bead, mixed color more even.

4.DIP-JH570 encapsulation, close to outdoor small spacing:
   Can do more outdoor display screen, small spacing and laminating outdoor rental market demand




P13.33  DIP570 RGB 3in1  full color module parameter 

1.Type: JHG-P13.33 (3IN1)-2M-3S-V1.0
2.pixel pitch: 13.33mm
3.encapsulation of led: DIP570
4.Module  Resolution:24*12 DOTS
5.pixel composing: 1R1G1B DIP 3in1
6.pixel density :5625dots/m2
7.driving mode: 1/3 scan  constant current
8.module size: 320x160cm
9.HUB type: HUB08
10.grey grade: 16384(14Bits)
11.brightness of white balance: 6500Nits
12.viewing angle: H:100°/V:50° viewing distance: 13m
14.Adjustable brightness grade: 0-100%    0-255 grade
15.operating power source: DC 5V
16.operating power : AC220V
17.Power consumption: Max 650W /  AV325W  per sqm
18.Working environment temperature  :  -20 ~ +60
19.Operating humidity:10-95% Relative humidity
22.Out of control rate ≤0.02%